Write for Tibetan Incense Shop and Win $100

Just in time for the start of the 2008 Holiday Season, the Tibetan Incense Shop http://tibet-incense.com (the largest source online for Tibetan incense) is having a Christmas Incense Essay Contest. If you like incense and like to write, this could be your chance to win big.

The rules are simple. Write a review of some incense from the shop (or other products), or go freestyle and write about your experience with any Tibetan incense. If not a review, an article about the usage and/or benefits of Tibetan incense will be accepted.

The best entry will win $100 in merchandise from the Tibetan Incense Shop!

Results of the contest will be announced on December 1, 2008. At that time, winners will be able to 'shop for free' in the Tibetan Incense Shop for the amount they won. All prizes include free delivery of the merchandise.

Three prizes will be awarded:

1st prize - $100
2nd prize - $50
3rd prize - $20

The full terms of the contest can be found at the Tibetan Incense Shop blog: http://tibet-incense.com/blog/christmas-incense-essay-contest . Be sure to check there for all the rules to make sure you're not disqualified.

Enter now and win some free gifts for you or someone else at Tibetan Incense Shop! The timing on this contest could not be better.

The Tibetan Incense Shop, which opened its virtual doors in March 2008, sells natural incense from Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. This incense is typically used around the house for relaxation, to help with meditation, in Buddhist ceremonies, for healing, and more.

True Tibetan incense also makes a great gift for those in your life who might like something a little different. Look at the samples of great incense for gift: http://tibet-incense.com/index.php/cPath/66_52 .

Whether you want to enter the contest to win free incense or want to purchase some incense, make the Tibetan Incense Shop your first and last stop for all your incense needs.


Tibetan Incense Shop
1/1 Bracha Habas
Haifa, Israel
Phone - +972-507157180
website - http://tibet-incense.com
e-mail - contest@tibet-incense.com
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