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New Delhi, May12,2009 - With convenience of hotel bookings anywhere in this planet at your fingertips, the online hotel booking websites have made life simple and easier than ever before. However, with enormous numbers of online hotel information and booking websites available today, choosing the best hotel to stay will be easier than choosing the website to look for the best hotel. We had a little talk with the professionals of Travel India 365 about online Indian hotel booking. “You said it right. People out there can choose the best hotels in India easier than choosing the best website to search for the hotels. The choice of the hotel booking website can be made easy by considering factors such as the size of the hotel database, the amount of hotel information provided in the website and yes the special deals revealed” says the professional of Travel India 365.

Speaking about the places in India covered by Travel India 365, the professional said, “No tourist spot in India is remote to the online world anymore. For example, Nainital, Shimla and Mussoorie are the very famous tourist spots of this beautiful country but lacked online information. Through the past years we have updated our hotel database with the best Nainital Hotels and the ones in Shimla and Mussoorie. If you have ever visited Shimla, you will agree with the fact that it is important to pre-book Shimla hotels prior to the trip to make the accommodation comfortable. Shimla hotels will through in many package deals as well, which can be exclusively known only through Travel India 365. Mussoorie hotels in turn offer lots of choices that suits every budget. With the availability of all the Mussoorie hotels at your finger tips it is just a breeze to make your perfect pick.”

On the move, the professional says, “This is the perfect season for people across this planet to visit Nainital. In fact Nainital hotels are very special with great luxurious hotels built on top of trees. The stay in such special Nainital hotels will be pleasant and will be memorable for a lifetime. These Nainital hotels are just 170 kms from Delhi and yes you guessed it – these are the most perfect accommodations spots in India.”

About Travel India 365

Travel India 365 supports Indian tourism by providing great information about the hotels in India online through their website They have covered the Nainital Hotels built in trees as well. Information about the Shimla hotels and Mussoorie hotels are available as well. Visit for more.
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